Bustles For 19th Century Fashions ~ The Sleeve Bustle

1890 Sleeve Bustle

I found this sleeve bustle very unique and possibly a rare find.  If not rare, this pair of cloth covered wire shaped sleeve bustle have to hard to find.  The bustles are made for the 1890’s leg of mutton/gigot sleeve  ~ certainly a  fashion statement of the day. 

 The size of this particular sleeve was enormous as it stood full and tall so it needed some type of structure at the upper part of the sleeve to hold its shape.   Prior to finding the sleeve bustles, and only through my own observation, I found with this type of sleeve the shape was held by a series of strings inside the sleeve of the blouse .  Which when pull, puffed and tied  the outer shape then became this elaborate poof. 

 After some research which determine my series of small connected hoops were actually sleeve bustles, I had to try to see if they actually worked so off to find a blouse.    With the blouse at hand  I placed each bustle inside a leg of mutton sleeve.  Bingo!  My bustles fit and absolutely perfected the structured look  of this fashionable sleeve.   In doing more research  I found a  pair that were stamped  “sleeve  bustle”  including the manufacture.  Although, I don’t doubt there were more than one manufacture of this type of bustle. 

1890 Sleeve Bustles

Made of wire wrapped cloth, this one consist of four hoops secured together with a cloth tape.    It is a folding style for easy storage when not in use.

 If anyone has more information on these unique bustles I would like to hear your comment.

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